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lep2-300x300Larry Powell is the founder and President of Guardian Insurance and Financial Services, a financial services agency. Larry believes there is more opportunity to serve his clients by helping them avoid losses rather than by picking the winners.  His approach is unique in that he helps his clients FIND MONEY they are currently losing unknowingly and unnecessarily.

Guardian Insurance offer wealth strategies for small businesses and individuals by using a customized approach allowing them to get to know what is important to their client and tailor a financial plan specific to their needs.  The focus is on helping our clients create and preserve wealth by paying close attention to  five areas of major wealth transfers; mortgages, taxes, qualified plans, college planning and major expenses

As an Independent Financial Service Agency, it is important to us that you can answers these important questions about maintaining your current life style in retirement.

  1. What rate of return do I need to be earning on my savings and investment dollars?
  2. How much do I need to be saving on a monthly or annual basis?
  3. Doing what I am currently doing, how long will I have to work?
  4. If I don’t do anything different than what I am doing today, how much will I have to reduce my current standard of living at retirement for my money to last me to my life expectancy?

If you are serious about your financial future you should know the ANSWERS to these four questions…… If you want to retire at their current life style

Guardian Insurance specializes in Life Insurance and Financial Services needs:  Strategies such as Executive Compensation, Business Succession, Key Person Protection, and Retirement Planning.    Offering a complete portfolio of competitive carriers for annuities and life insurance through our relationship network of professionals with over 200 combined years of experience. We provide advice, consultation and management services on taxes, insurance, retirement planning, accounting, wealth management, pension plans and legal services.

Professional Experience

Larry is a Licensed Insurance Broker in Illinois, and holds an additional non-resident License in Indiana. He is an expert in selling various types of Insurance to businesses/individuals including business and group life.  He demonstrates exceptional sales ability and strong interpersonal skills with a persuasive positive confident approach.

Larry previously spent 28 years in real estate as a developer and real estate sales franchise owner.


Illinois Institute of Technology, Engineering.